Apulia Experience The heel of Italy: from the Swabian Castle of Trani to Castel del Monte, from the Trulli of Alberobello to the white city of Ostuni via Lecce, the heart of Salento. And finally, the beautiful Matera and its “Sassi”

Altamura bread is the best bread in the world.
(Horace – 37 B.C.)

The Swabian Castle of Trani

Erected in 1233 by Frederick II on the ruins of an earlier fortification, stands directly in the centre of Trani Bay, defending the city against attacks from the sea. With a clear medieval profile, today it is a museum but in the past it was also a prison. It is said that the castle is home to the ghost of Armida, a young lady who was locked up and left to die in the castle dungeon because of an adulterous relationship with a knight.
Castel Del Monte
Castel del Monte

The 13th century fortress built by Frederick II on the model of the Palatine Chapel in Aachen, Germany. Massive in shape with an octagonal plan and a turret on each corner, the building is rich in both religious and astrological symbolism. Castel del Monte is depicted on the reverse of the 1-cent Euro coin minted in Italy.
I Trulli di Alberobello

This characteristic town is almost entirely made up of trulli, the typical circular dwellings with conical roofs built of limestone. Inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list, you can see these particular constructions of different shapes and sizes in every part of the town
Altamura Bread

Altamura Bread is a particular type of bread baked in a wood-fired oven and typical of the city of Altamura. Obtained from the use of durum wheat semolina that is very rich in gluten, it has been produced for more than two millennia and the Latin poet Horace, already in 37 B.C., called it the best bread in the world. Since 2003, Altamura bread has been granted the PDO mark.

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