Venice Food Experience

Contaminated by millennia of contact with different cultures and enhanced by local products, the taste of typical Venetian dishes is something unique. Baccalà mantecato, fegato alla veneziana, cicchetti, sarde in saor, risi e bisi (rice and peas), cuttlefish in black or bigoli in salsa: enjoy your food experience!!!

“Co so co ti, no vedo gnente de nero. Soeo el tocio dee sepe”.
When I’m with you I don’t sell anything black, just the cuttlefish seasoning.
(Venetian proverb)

Le Sarde in Saor

This is probably the best known Venetian dish. Inevitably evolving over the centuries, the original preparation of sardines involved cooking the onion in oil and vinegar, then creating layers with the fried sardines and placing them in terracotta containers. This was the main food of sailors as early as the 14th century during long days out at sea. Only later were sultanas and pine nuts added to ‘sweeten’ the dish.
The Fish Market in Rialto

Rialto has been the economic heart of the city since the 12th century. The watchful eye of the Serenissima Republic has stipulated minimum sales sizes for the various types of fish since 1173 (a marble plaque is still visible today). Here you will find the best of the night’s catch: sea and lagoon fish, crustaceans and molluscs, all of excellent quality.
Il Fegato alla Veneziana

The simple dish reinterpreted in various ways even by starred chefs. But the original recipe calls only for pork liver cut into strips, cooked in hand-cut (not chopped) Chioggia white onion in oil and butter with a splash of vinegar. All served with creamy white polenta
I Zaeti

A biscuit made of maize flour, sugar, eggs, butter and sultanas rehydrated in grappa. Less well known than frittelle, tiramisù or Bussolà Buranelli, these dry biscuits are already mentioned in the plays of Carlo Goldoni. And if you like sweets, try fried cream, Pinsa or Fave dei Morti, other typical ‘minor’ desserts that you can only find at certain times of the year.

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