The first capital of Italy invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, royal residences, palaces and museums, parks, tree-lined avenues, the river Po, historic cafés and long arcaded streets, balanced between rational Roman town planning, the measured splendour of Piedmontese baroque and the originality of modern and contemporary architecture. And just outside the city, the famous Basilica of Superga, the splendid Reggia di Venaria Reale and the Palazzina di Caccia at Stupinigi.

I could not imagine a city as beautiful as Turin, nothing is missing; the eye is never hurt, but always struck and fascinated. The more my journey proceeds, the more I discover other cities, the less I find another Turin. (Alphonse de Lamartine)

The Mole Antonelliana

The great construction over 167 metres high that characterises the city’s skyline. Completed in 1889 when Turin was the capital of Italy, it remained the tallest masonry building in the world until 1908. Nietzsche described it as ‘the most ingenious architectural work ever created’ and today it houses the Cinema Museum.
The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum, Europe’s largest museum on the history of ancient Egypt, second in importance only to that of Cairo. It permanently exhibits more than 40,000 artefacts from the Nilotic civilisation from the Palaeolithic to the Coptic period with 24 human mummies and the Mensa Isiaca, a bronze tablet from the Roman era preserved here since 1628 when the Savoys bought it from the Gonzaga family.
Palazzo Madama

An extraordinary building that was first the Roman gateway to the ancient Julia Augusta Taurinorum to the Savoy Palace via the Castle and the royal residence of the Savoy family. The façade designed by Filippo Juvarra is splendid, as is the imposing two-flight staircase inside.
Stupinigi, the Palazzina di Caccia

A few kilometres from the city centre, go and admire the wonderful work of architect Filippo Juvarra. A palace conceived for the sole purpose of organising hunting parties in the Savoy era, but rich in works of art, architectural forms and splendid decorations. The deer that dominates the dome is a copy from 1992, but the original from 1766 is preserved inside.

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